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The Chicken Project 

Chickens (also known as 'domestic fowl') are native to South East Asia but, today, they have a worldwide distribution. Their diffusion is almost entirely due to human-assisted transportation and, as such, their natural history is a reflection of human history. Yet we know little about the timing and circumstances of this species global spread.


The AHRC's Science and Culture theme is funding a major 3-year project Changing Scientific and Cultural Perspectives on Human-Chicken Interactions that brings together researchers from across the Arts, Humanities and Sciences to examine the social, cultural and environmental impact of this important but under-researched species. To find out more, please visit 


This website represents the more informal, international network that supports the AHRC-funded project. In particular, it offers a platform for researchers to get involved with specific areas of research beyond the remit of the larger project. We particularly welcome involvement from zooarchaeological researchers and students. If you wish to discuss ideas, please contact us at 



One of the earliest examples of chicken in the UK, bones recovered from a Late Iron Age pot, buried in Lincolnshire.

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