Project News


Nina Crummy, University of Reading

Freelance small finds consultant (principal clients University of Reading Department of Archaeology, Colchester Archaeological Trust, Winchester City Museum, Oxford Archaeology East, Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service)


since 2004: Visiting Research Fellow, University of Reading

1994-1997: Archaeological Archive Manager, Museum of London


1993-1994: Archaeological Archive Transfer Manager, Museum of London


1971-1993: various positions, Colchester Archaeological Trust




Research summary

I have two main strands of research. The first is in developing methodologies for interpreting and reporting on both individual finds and whole assemblages from excavations. The second consists of using both archaeological material and contemporary literature to explore the complex relationships between animals and people in Late Iron Age and Roman Britain and in the wider Roman Empire, concentrating on the use of animal imagery in domestic, religious and funerary contexts.

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