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We are always looking for new collaborators to join the coop, either providing data or working with us to undertake new research beyond the scope of the AHRC-funded project. We are always happy to provide advice and support.




The analysis of chicken osteometric data from modern and archaeological collections is a key line of enquiry for Chicken Coop. The help of the zooarchaeological community is required to generate the necessary dataset. We would be very grateful to anyone who can provide us with metric data from anywhere in the world and from any period (including modern individuals).


We have created an on-line searchable database and this now needs to be populated with data. If you are in the possession of chicken metrics or skeletal representation data, you can submit this to the database by registering as a contributor. By working together our aim is to create a resource that will benefit zooarchaeologists worldwide.





The Chicken Coop team is happy to assist undergraduate or masters or students, from any discipline and institution, who are interested in pursuing research on domestic fowl as part of their dissertations. Details of the student already undertaking dissertations on the project can be found on the meet the team page


A list of possible projects can be found here but you could equally come to us with your own idea.


If you would like to undertake a Chicken Coop dissertation, please get in touch via email

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